peak district walks

castleton and bradwell peak district walk

100. Castleton and Bradwell 27th February 2015.

Parking carefully on the verge of Old Dam Lane just out of Peak Forest we headed Northeast across fields on the Limestone Way towards Castleton. A friendly lone walker chatted for a while as we descended the rocky path, where you had to decide either to stumble along the rocks in the dried riverbed or balnce sideways on the angled grass verge. It wasn’t long before I heard a yelp and a crunching sound behind me. Woman down! Yes face down! Well I’ve never heard swearing as badly pronounced! The worst was her arm, not broken but badly bruised. Sat down on the edge  of the path having sweet tea for the shock, I offered Julie some but I don’t think she could stop swearing for long enough to get any tea down her! Just at the wrong time our lone walker friend turned up, I knew Julie was embarrassed so I was trying to shield her as much as possible as he talked,. I don’t know what the hell he said I couldn’t really concentrate but I must have made the right noises in the right places for him to not look weirdly at me but he did keep edging round to try and get a better look at Julie. Luckily I didn’t have to carry her… I mean do any serious damage. We both limped the rest of the way down ( well, I was just trying to divert other walkers attention away from her which I think she appreciated?!) . Into Castleton now and The Nags Head for a pint and a sherry as per..then just round the corner into The Peaks Hotel for another pint and a nicely presented cup of tea with little chocolates, this was going well.. and I didn’t have to carry Julie either! Heading along Pindale road south east out of Castleton towards Bradwell passing the picturesque Bradwell  works with its lovely chimneys and white dust generously  peppering the surrounding countryside. A revisit to Ye Olde Bowling Green Inn for a JD and a nice cup of tea. Heading south westish along outlands road and across fields and back to the car. Julie is now left with a notch in her arm which is unfortunate but I suppose could act as a sort of marker for the first 100 walks. Here’s to the next 100!