peak district walks

sheldon map

14. Ashford in the water walk 25th may 2013

We’ve parked here a couple of times before at the White Lodge car park just off the A6, 4 miles west of Bakewell. Heading west from here takes you through Deepdale, should be steepdale! Phew! Look at that view! We arrived in Sheldon, eggs for sale in a small wooden box on a post at the end of somebody’s garden was tempting, trusting you to leave your money and take the eggs, there were a lot of hens around wandering freely in some parts. Drinks in the Cock and Pullet, always brings a smile to my face…see! you’re doing it now! It was very busy but very enjoyable sat out in the beer garden enjoying the sun, a friendly chat with one old guy,the beer was good, relaxed and carefree…. made me glad to be …at the pub ! We couldn’t miss seeing Magpie mine which was just a short walk south of Sheldon. Back into Sheldon then on to Ashford in the water, as we approached the famous Sheepwash Bridge I was surprised to see so many people on it. We didn’t plan it but this was actually the day that they demonstrated its namesake by washing the sheep in the river by the bridge. Very lucky, it was a great spectacle. A rum looking farmer led the proceedings shouting out the history to all around at the top of his voice ( he looked like he did more than a bit of farming to me). Also very unlucky in that by the time it had all finished the pubs were shut! Boo! Hip flask to the rescue! Back along the river Wye and through great shacklow wood to the car park.