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tideswell litton mill monks dale walk

20. Tideswell, Litton Mill and Monksdale 10th August 2013

Parking at Millersdale we ventured north by the left hand side of the church and onto Monksdale, a heavily wooded dried riverbed basically, hard going but covered in moss which added to its charm. There was a clearing and we were ready for something to eat. We scrambled up onto a hillock laid out the plastic bags and sat back to back eating our lunch watching out for passersby before carrying on through the densely wooded path. The whole of Monkdale is probably about a mile, you emerge into an open field and carry on to the road ahead. Turning right, northeast on the road, it curves around and then climbs very steeply. At the crossroads turn right onto Monksdale Road, just a track really then look out for the signpost on your left( east) to Tideswell. The George was the first pub on the main street just past the very impressive church. Back past the church down the main street to the Horse and Jockey, full of blokes watching the football on a large screen tv so we had our drinks sat on the green opposite the pub. Following Gordon Road which shoots off alongside the pub and runs parallel to the main road. Cross over the junction and to the left of the works. The path eventually crosses the main road and continues past the car park amongst the woods. Following the path then east along river to Litton Mill apartments and west along the Monsal Trail to Millersdale.