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25. Hulme End walk peak district

25. Hulme End 21st September 2013

Parking at Wetton Mill we followed the road over the bridge and up to Dale Farm then west along the track to the river and the Manifold trail passing through the tunnel near Ecton bridge proceeding north along the trail. Now on the west side of the river into Hulme End and the Manifold Valley visitors centre where we ate our sandwiches. From here we walked alongside the road. I remember having to stoop under and through the double posted sign for the visitors centre but then hearing a yelp as Julie didn’t quite stoop low enough and when I turned around she was rubbing her head tying to blame me. I had a pint of Prince Philip and Julie a cup of tea in the Manifold Inn. South up the road then first right passing west side farm and then over a stile on the left and across the fields. Past East Ecton farm and on the road a bit still heading south passing back of Ecton and Broad Ecton Farm…flippin Ecton! Making our way through the valley passing Sugarloaf Hill on our left and down to Dale farm and Wetton Mill.