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27. Grindleford walk map

27. Grindleford 12th October 2013

We started from Grindleford railway station on quite a damp day we had bought paka Maks so thought we were well prepared …we weren’t! Down the station approach there’s a path on the right (south) which climbs up to the road. Crossing this and up through Yarncliff wood. Across the fields now the light drizzle was turning into a rather heavy downpour and we emerged like a pair of drowned rats at the Grouse inn. Those Pakamaks were absolutely useless, we would have been better of using the bin liners we had for sitting on but we were able to stay in the conservatory dripping harmlessly? onto the tiled floor. Heading south eastish from the back of the pub the rain had eased. I caught my finger on a thorny bramble bit it was only a little Nick. Hay Wood took us down into Grindleford, crossed the road and waded through very wet fields. Time was getting on and we needed to eat, the rain heavy again and we took shelter under a low Hawthorn tree by a wall and had our butties there. Not the nicest place to eat as this seemed to be where the sheep went after they had eaten. Onwards following the squidgy path then veer off north east to the path over the railway line and a visit to Padley Hall before making our way back to the station.