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28. Stanton Moor walk map

28. Stanton Moor 19th October 2013

From the car park near the triangular section of grass above Winster we walked down into Winster town then took a path down a small alley way between the buildings next to a hairdressing salon. Down the fields down north past a wood on our left and eventually meeting with Birchover Lane. A short way along the wooded lane then left on a path which takes you to the rocking stones which we clambered around then dropped down though ferns. The path came an end at the back of the druids inn where we interrupted a bloke shaving his head round the back of a small shed in the back yard of the pub.I don’t know why he was doing it there maybe he wanted to keep it secret and was telling people that he was naturally bald. After a pint and a sherry in the cozy pub we started up the path to Stanton moor. I had a go at scaling the corkstone, had our sandwiches then took a good few photos at the nine ladies stones. South and back to winster.