peak district walks

31. Flagg walk

31. Flagg 9th November 2013

Parking at the Royal Oak at Sparklow we exited the carpark taking the path north east over a couple of fields and left onto the Penine Bridleway. As far as the first bridge we climbed the stile and clambered up the side onto the path over the road at Pomeroy and the Duke of York where we had a pint of Stormtrooper and a cup of tea and a little chocolate( I think that was because we knew the barmaid…thanks Vilma). This was where we saw the flocks of starlings making fantastic shapes in the sky. I’ve seen it on telly but in real life it’s truly Amazing! Turning right by Mycock lane in Flagg along the limestone way. We had our sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and flask of tea at the triangular grass section then south west along Hutmoor Butts( that’s what it says) to the Bull it Thorn, a pub we had passed many times but never tried. Very oldy worldy with various artifacts and a suit of armor to boot which made more noise than I imagined. Across the main road and over the penine bridleway again and back to the car.