peak district walks

32. Cromford walk

32. Cromford 17th November 2013.

Parking next to the cemetery on Oakerthorpe road we headed north west on the high peak trail which declines steeply to High Peak Junction where there are a couple of old carriagges that you can explore. The Derwent valley heritage way meanders along and across the cromford canal. It was lunch time and we found a stone seat in the middle of Lea wood, perfect spot testing the timer on the camera. I balanced the camera on the rucksack using the flip case to get the right angle pressed the button and hurriedly sat back on the bench and waited for some sort of countdown posing with our sandwiches in hand…and waited…..and waited and after a time longer than normal people would have waited I checked the camera to discover that I had just recorded sixty one seconds of video! Just before Leashawe farm take the path north then curving west around the top side of Lea Hurst farm. We did actually spur off north to Holloway think there might be a pub there but were denied. Passing Leawood hall on the road some then heading through Bow wood where we chanced upon a makeshift swing and couldn’t resist having a go.Passing Castletop Farm then skirting the top side of Cromford station then turning left on Wellersley Lane, onto Mill Lane past the Arkright Society Mill and then cross over traffic lights. The Boat Inn was up one of the backstreets where we quenched our thirst with some real ale and a sherry. A bit of a climb up the hill taking the path between the houses on the left and a breathtaking climb up Dimmons dale and back to the cemetary.