peak district walks

34. Hollinsclough peak district walk

34. Hollinsclough 30th November 2013

Parking in the centre of Hollinsclough we set off up Hollinsclough rake a short distance then off right across the fields down to the river Dove and up through a metal gate to the other side of the valley then left along the path to Booth Farm. Emerging north west from the farm then heading west along Brand Top and up to the Knights Table pub where we sat out on the patio admiring the view. Down the road south east turning right down Wickenlow Lane then down the path by Dun Cows Grove on the Manifold trail. Across the road down a bit and onto another path where I remember the afternoon sun shining brightly casting clear shadows of us on the opposite bank silhouetting against the orange ferns. The terrain was a bit bumpy here and on a slope. Julie did lose her balance slightly...fotunately not witnessed and no damage done. Over the road onto a path then turning right picking up the path into Hollinsclough.