peak district walks

37. Langley peak district walk

37. Langley 29th December 2013.

Just up from the church on the corner we parked on Cock Hall Lane where there was absolutely nothing to speak of and walked down the lane to almost the end of the houses taking a path on the right heading south west across Ridge Hall road and on to Hollins lane then left to the Ryles Arms. We were warm enough to sit outside and have our drinks then down by the side of the pub westish but then realise that your mrs has left her walking sticks at the pub so back to the pub to collect them and on return you will be allowed a proper schoolteacher look over your glasses while she pleads for forgiveness ( only fair really!) Keeping to the left of the gritstone trail in order to not miss out on the Navigation for another pint and a sherry. Picking up the gritstone trail north towards the resevoirs and back to the church and Clarke lane.