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39. Bollington, Rainow peak district walk

39. Bollington, Rainow 17th January 2014

Parking in the red lion car park which looked like it was for sale we took the path on the corner of chancery lane and cow lane heading south. Quite a trek up to the white Nancy then along the saddle of kerridge then east to Rainow and the Robin Hood pub. The usual pint and a sherry for the missus and also the usual ‘oo err where is the sherry! what glass shall I put it in! and how much should I charge! Face. I know it’s an little old lady’s drink really I said cheekily. He peered round the bar to see the little old lady and flirtily said I’ll bet when you have your hair down and your glasses off you’re a foxy chick! It made Julie’s day I think as she swanked Down Smithy lane ( which just looked weird with her sticks! but she was happy so who cares!) onto oakenbank lane then down to Savio house and past mill pond and back to the car.