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bretton map

3. Bretton 4.5 miles 16th Feb 2013
Setting off from the Barrel Inn pub car park at Bretton it was mostly downhill which only meant one thing.. It was going to be harder walking back when we are feeling most weary. I didn’t want to start describing this walk on a downer …but we did ! ( Excuse the terrible puns, you’ll get used to it, won’t they Julie? … Julie?) We were following a walk set out in the White Peak walks book which we’d had for years but not had too much use out of. This was fine but you could really do with meeting the person who wrote it before you trust them to describe their way through the open countryside. Things like ‘ when the path veers left go straight ahead’ which we found out means when the path veers left follow the path veering left ! NOT when the path veers left go straight ahead ! Grrrr! You do tend to try and convince yourself that you are on the right track as you follow the description in the book, ‘ Over the wall and past the ring of stones ‘ … Yes that looks like a ring of stones..well sort of ? not a full circle ! it’s a very tiny ring ? must be !, yes, definitely on the right track ! well suffice to say it wasn’t all that straight forward ( not on that particular walk anyway !) Still enjoyed it, all part of the adventure but I’ll remember to bring money for the pub next time ! Doh! Maybe a tattoo on my wrist with ‘BRING MONEY FOR PUB! ‘