peak district walks

44. Thorpe, Fenny Bentley, Kniveton peak district walk

44. Thorpe, Fenny Bentley, Kniveton. 16th February 2014.

Parking in the Tissington trail car park we headed south west along the trail. Very popular for walkers, cyclists and joggers. We were discussing different styles of walking and thought we would try out some of the gaits ourselves. So Julie tried out a limpy walk but she didn’t realise that I was trying out exactly the same walking style behind her and wondered why the young couple on the bikes smiled more than they should have done! And I hadn’t even had any alcahol yet ! We took a short detour right from the trail to the Dog and Partridge then south down the road to the firs and took the path on the left across fields to Fenny Bentley and The Coach and Horses. From the pub north past the main houses then east across the fields to Lees Farm then right onto the main B5056 road. Now you might be as well taking the footpath on the right over the tops to Kniveton or do as we did and went further along the B5056 then taking the path right just on the bend. It was a very muddy, rutted by the cows making it very hard work to get anywhere never mind up a steep hill. As we soldiered on up by the side of a hedge the cows started taking an interest which we ignored at first. More and more cows were looking our way and mooing fiercely. It was a very gradual and sinister advance but we were making very slow process up this hill. We weren’t really sure why they were paying us so much attention but it was unnerving but after a long struggle up the hill trying to ward off the cows as we went, very out of breath and just making the stile before they caught up with us. We read later on a signpost that it was special breeds farm and it did warn walkers to be careful around them. Maybe a sign at the bottom of the hill would have been good! Past the farm up the lane then picking up the path above the B5035 to Kniveton and the red Lion for drinks. There is a lane just down from the pub which took us north over Longrose lane and still north the over the B5056 and west on the lane crossing the river. Sticking to the lane and arriving back at Tissington trail car park.