peak district walks


4. Alerdey Edge 23rd February 2013

Starting from the large National Trust car park, just off the B5087, walking towards the tea room and information room heading right on a wide track past the National Trust works yard, then left. Crossing an open area past Engine Vein. At a crossroads of paths turning left and come out by Beacon Lodge. Heading straight across the road into Windmill Wood. Following a gently descending track to a clearing, bearing left then about 140yds (128m) beyond a National Trust sign, in more open terrain now, with bare sand hills ahead of us, bearing right across the grass to a crossroads with a field ahead. Turning right, skirting around some damp ground and then a pool. Just before another open field, heading right, along the edge of the wood. Continuing along a narrow strip of trees, with fields either side. Crossing the road again and following a track to the bare crest of Castle Rock. Descending the steps to a level path heading 120yds (110m) to Wizard's Well. Returning to the steps and continuing below the crags on a terrace path, then up steps to join a higher path. head left and almost immediately start descending again, with more steps in places. At the bottom crossing a footbridge and climbing again, levelling out briefly by the Holy Well. A few paces to its left heading up over tree roots to where the path resumes. Climbing shallow steps to a wider path and heading left then turning right on to the rocky crest of Stormy Point. Following the wide level track to a crossroads and go left. Following signs 'Hare Hill', down a steady descent with a small ravine at the bottom. Turning right and ascending again. Climbing steps past tall beech trees, then descending through Clock House Wood. Climbing again to a National Trust sign and out into the open. Heading right, over a stile, across the waist of a field to another stile near a pond. Heading left along the hedge to a stile hidden in a curve, then up a fenced path. Joining a wider track and at the top and then over a stile on the right. Heading left over the next stile and up to another stile and grassy track. Crossing a gravel track into another narrow fenced path and at its end turning left. Opposite the National Trust works yard you can head left through a gate for a shortcut to the car park or continue straight on to the Wizard’s Inn for a pint of supercool Guinness and Julie’s first ever Sherry.