peak district walks

50. Middleton in Youlgreave, Winster and Elton peak district walk

50. Middleton in Youlgreave, Winster and Elton. 19th April 2014.

Parking in Middleton centre from the grass island on Weadow lane heading east down the road to the path by the farm building. After a short way taking the path south to the lane the south east by Beech wood then east past Anthony hill to Cliff lane, along the lane a short way then taking the path into Elton. Directly east along winster road then south east along the limestone way then left on the road to the B5056 to the miners standard. We could hear the music and precussion as we approached and found the car park full of morris dancers dancing in formation. We stood to watch for a while before going in for drinks. As you might imagine it was full and as Russ Abbot would say had a happy atmosphere. We headed back the same way to the winster road junction this time carrying straight on limestone way north to robin hoods stride.Passing over cliff lane staying on the limestone way almost to youlgreave but staying the south side of the river Bradford through moatlow wood and back to middleton.