peak district walks

55. Parwich peak district walk

55. Parwich. 14th may 2014.

Parking in a layby just after Rivendale caravan park on the left we crossed the main A515 and headed south west on the Tissington trail which bends south east, I think this is where we recorded the quickest mile on the map my walk app 17 minutes whereas hard going trails have been 45 minutes including admiring the views up very steep hills. We did miss the turning for Parwich as you see on the map then realised and tracked back to the limestone way heading north east into Parwich and the Sycamore inn. A black and white cat(was the spitting image of Julie’s cat Bobby from years ago) entertained us while we had our drinks. Follow the road north through the village and then a bit west to a path heading northwest virtually all the way back to Rivendale caravan park.