peak district walks

57. Hollinsclough, Earl Sterndale and Lognor peak district walk

57. Hollinsclough, Earl Sterndale and Lognor. 26th may 2014.

Parking in a layby opposite some houses along Fawside edge then heading east along the road to Longnor which was Longnor than I expected. We had our drinks in the Horseshoe before heading north west up the B5053 past the old schoolhouse then heading north east on to lane head. Proceeding along lane head keeping to the right of Islington Cottage heading directly north into fields. Up the footpath heading for Yewtree Grange then west onto the B5053 to Glutton Bridge, greedy buggers round there! South east down a lane to Underhill Farm keeping Hitter Hill to our left. Taking the path on the left opposite the farm heading across the fields to Earl Sterndale and The Quiet Woman for some tasty beverage in the beer garden. Heading northwest along the road then turning left on the 5053 which took us to Glutton Bridge then turning right at a telephone box on the road keeping Parkhouse Hill on our right then taking the left fork to Stannery Farm with the magnificent Chrome Hill in front of us. Following the path down to the road turning right into Hollinsclough then across the junction to a lane slightly to the left heading west. Follow the path a short way turning left then across fields to Fawside Edge.