peak district walks

61. Hathersage peak district walk

61. Hathersage 13th June 2014

Parking in Scotmans Pack we called in for a drink admiring the vintage cars in the car park on the way in and as more vintage car club owners arrived we thought better of leaving our Ford Ka parked amongst the Aston Martins, Rileys and Ferraris so we parked on Station Road not to get ideas above it. Heading up and round onto Mill Lane heading south crossing Dore Lane, through the gates and down the lane and where it bends right carry straight on following the path towards the river Derwent. Taking a right on the B6001 crossing the bridge taking the path immediately on the right to Shatton. Following the river Derwent along the Derwent Valley Heritage Way to the Stepping Stones which prompted photos of us stepping on them. On safely reaching the other side we headed back along the other side of the river crossing a footbridge then left up to the Castleton road A6187 crossing over and up to cross the railway line. Now moving east onto Jaggers Lane, into Hathersage and back to the car.