peak district walks

68. Wheston, Peterdale and Haydale peak district walk

68. Wheston, Peterdale and Haydale. 25th July 2014.

Parking on a grass verge next to the signpost opposite the large farmhouse with the white gates and a play fort we headed south east up the lane to the left of the house along the Penine Bridleway. Turning right onto the Limestone Way through Peterdale and then Haydale heading north along Damdale and into Peak Forest turning left onto the A623 and then stopping for drinks at the Devonshire Arms. Continuing down the A623 then turning left into Church Lane then right into Old Dam Lane, almost to the end then taking a right onto the Limestone Way where we ate our lunch admiring the countryside and the bungalow at the end of Dam Lane. Proceeding down the Limestone Way which heads south onto the Penine Bridleway and back to Wheston.