peak district walks

71. Barlow, Cutthorpe and Overgreen peak district walk

71. Barlow, Cutthorpe and Overgreen. 15th August 2014.

Parking in a layby on Wilkin Hill we headed west along the road then heading southwest down just after Newgate Farm across Sud Brook and right through Oxton Rake Farm onto a lane heading south west onto the B6050 turning right then left down past the farm to Birley turning east before the large farm buildings and eventually turning right on the B6050 to the Gate Inn and a pint of Ghost Ship and a sherry sitting out on the veranda to admire the spectacular views. Continuing down the road then in the same direction at the bend taking the lane past Pratthall Farm through Linacre and Kitchenflat woods heading east/ north east to the Peacock pub and a Bakewells Best Bitter. Heading north east up the B6050 to join The Three merry Lads (make that Four merry lads !) for a Honey Jack Daniels. Continuing down the main road then taking the path on the left between houses up through Sud Brook Wood then across fields and onto the B6051 heading north to stop at The Old Pump and one more for the road. South west up the lane by the side of the pub along Wilkin Hill and back to the car.