peak district walks

74. Castleton peak district walk

74. Castleton 3rd September 2014.

Parking in a layby on Edale Road just north of the Losehill turn off then walked back and up Lose hill Lane then veered off left northwest up to Losehill then southwest to Hollins cross then basically south east picking up Hollowford road / Millbridge Lane into Castleton then after the church on the left follow the road round to The bulls Head on the right. Back down the way we came turning right after the church and The Cheshire Cheese on the right. We also paid a visit in the sweet shop where we bought torpedoes , liquorice Catherine wheels and anglo bubblys ( I was like an old man in a whiskey shop). Continuing on the road and after weaving avenue we took the path on the right passing Peakshole Water and then under the rail line and onto Pindale Road. Turning left then right on the main road and more drinks in the Old Hall Hotel. Heading north up Edale Road and back to the car by the river Noe.