peak district walks

79. Monyash peak district walk

79. Monyash. 14th October 2014.

Parking in a layby on Long Rake Road just west of the Calsite works entrance walking east towards the works taking a path on the left heading north west across fields crossing over Fern Dale picking up The Limestone Way ( Milkings lane) then Rakes Road and the triangular patch of grass outside the Bulls Head. There was a handy map on the wall indicating all the pubs in the High Peak ..been thereˇKbeen thereˇKbeen there! We had our sandwiches by the side of the pond just up the road which we passed on the way in then back to the grass triangle and heading east down the B5055, a pitstop at the toilets on the right then through the gates sidestepping the cows there gathering and on through the dale. Turning right at the meeting of dales over the river Lathkill via a footbridge heading southwest and after a short way takng a path on the right to One Ash Grange Farm. Left on a path just before the farm crossing over Cales Dale onto the lane past Cales Farm following the lane to Long Rake and the car.