peak district walks

80. Thornhill and Bamford peak district walk

80. Thornhill and Bamford. 17th October2014.

Parking in the wooded car park on Carr Lane we headed south down the road turning right up Thornhill Lane past Aston Hall and taking the path on the right heading north. Passing a farm on our right then along a line of trees turning northeast when we saw the farm on our left. Taking in the breathtaking views from Win Hill and the trig point looking down onto Ladybower Reservoir and beyond then heading east down a very slippery slope along a brook which sounded like it was laughing at us as we tentatively sidestepped down the hill. Turning right at the bottom and across the dam to the main road then right to the Yorkshire Bridge Inn for a pint and a sherry which was a bit full. Hands behind her back, what a show off! Dipping and sipping she released the surface tension of the brimming sherry glass much to the barman’s entertainment. Finishing our drinks and continuing along the road then veering up a lane on the left just to save walking on a boring road then back on the road just before Bamford for a drink at the Anglers Rest, A community run pub which tripled as a post office and store. Down the road a little more we sat and ate on a bench under a tree as we watched the traffic go by whilst the person behind the curtain opposite watched us, you know who you are! Continuing down the road and at the end of the houses turning right down the lane then through the mill and across the picturesque river, lovely spot. North west across the fields through the wooded area and back to the car.