peak district walks

85. Rowarth peak district walk

85. Rowarth 15th November 2014.

Parking in a layby on Gun Lane heading south east then taking a path left at Pistol Farm forking off right to head south east to Rowarth taking a right onto Godard Lane then left down chapel street and to the little Mill Inn for some liquid sustenance. Following the road around south east then forking left and taking a path on the left taking us around the farm and then heading east then left on Lanehead Road. Following the lane right past Marleymoor Farm then taking a path on the left north along a wall and across Monks Road and running parallel with the road. This was actually supposed to be a stop at The Grouse pub but unlike the website described offering real ales, hot food and toilets open from eleven it was shut and for sale. So bottom lips almost dragging on the grass we carried on another couple of fields kicking as many stones as we could then dropped down left into the muddy valley following Monks Road east from Plainheads Farm. This is the Penine Bridleway that heads east past Robin Hoods Picking Rods and back to Gun Road.