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90. Monyash and Sheldon. 16th December 2014. 90.
Lathkill Dale, Monyash, Sheldon - 7.5 miles The Bulls Head The Cock and Pullet

Parking in a substantial layby on the B5055 west of Haddon Grove Farm then walking east along the road a short way taking a path on the right opposite the buildings across fields heading south then across the lane past farm buildings then bearing left down around an interesting bend into Lathkill Dale. Turning right down the dale which is very tricky underfoot, lots of loose rocks twigs etc. We do normally make some entertainment for ourselves on this kind of terrain by one of us stepping on a twig making a cracking sound then the other one has to find a twig to step on asap (a kind of reply)and the one with the loudest crack.. not wins.. but can be extremely pleased with themselves… (daft I know..simple things.. but it makes us happy!). Beautifully scenic area ( when we didn’t have our heads down looking for twigs to tread on) which eventually emerges on Church Street(B5055) and then turning left into Monyash and The Bulls Head for a pint of Rocking Rudolph and a sherry for the lady. Turning right out of the pub heading north up Chapel Street then right onto Horse Lane. Just after the farm lane on the left taking a footpath on the left north east across fields through a wood and onto a lane then left onto Johnsons lane. On reaching Sheldon we experience our second visit to the Cock and Pullet for a pint of Timothy Taylors, a pot of tea and a game of pool…why not! Proceeding through the village and taking the path on the right just after The Byre. Heading towards and keeping left of the Magpie Mine heading south east onto a lane, turning left then right then south on green lane and then right back to the car.