peak district walks

91. Roman Lakes, Mellor moor, whitle, brook bottom, goyt way  peak district walk

91. Roman Lakes, Mellor moor, whitle, brook bottom, goyt way 6.84 miles. 30th December 2014

Parking in the Roman Lakes car park, Marple we set off about 11 oclock north towards the track which runs up beside Bottoms Hall and past Mellor Golf Club. It’s not like us to pass up an opportunity to wet our whistles but it just seemed a bit too early in the day for a pint. We paused to give a bit more room to the two horse riders before continuing up the path past the signpost for the eighth tee then left and up again along the rough track. Another walker was on his way down and warned us of the mud that he’d just waded through. ‘ We like mud !’ we didn’t really but it beats saying ‘ thanks for the warning, I’ve just cleaned my boots so we’ll probably turn back now!... Is it ok if we walk back with you?’ Heading up to Cobden Edge through a very boggy field then to a fenced off path over a stone stile and onto somebody’s driveway, felt a little bit awkward as we past the residents at the end of the drive as they chatted to a driver. Turning left on the road and after a short distance there was a stile on the right and a very steep deep snowed path stretched up the field ahead. On reaching the summit Kinder in all its white glory revealed itself to us prompting another photo to be taken. Dropping down onto Castle Edge Road we turned right then left down the side of Castle House which as we looked back onto it was very much designed like a castle with its turretted roof edging. Down a long straight field and over the stile onto Mellor Road and The Packhorse public house. We tried to look inconspicuous with our bright green and red walking jackets against the black coats, suits and ties of the funeral party. It was a very packed horse and a bit of a squeeze to get to the bar, in hindsight I should have taken my rucksack off (have you ever seen the old black and white film ‘The plank’ with Tommy Cooper and Eric Sykes?). I had a pint of Arizona and Julie had a sherry, standard! Off again on Appletree road and up to New Mills Golf Club for a pint of John Smiths Smooth and a hot choc. Away now heading towards Strines. Time for butties now.. sat on a wall overlooking the Fox inn which was closed.Boo! Down the field and onto the track which wound under and over the railway line passing Windybottom Farm having just very mild wind. Around Stawberry Hill and under the viaduct which was having some serious work on it and was covered in serious scaffolding. Back to the car, a very fine walk and although very wet and muddy underfoot it was dry and sunny overhead for the last walk of 2014.