peak district walks

93. Tansley and Kelstidge Ashover peak district walk

93. Tansley and Kelstidge Ashover. 8th January 2015.

Parking next to the Gate Inn in Tansley Knoll heading north east up White Lea Lane past two farms then turning left down Knabhall Lane taking a path left just before the corner. Passing the farm on our left then right and following the lane to the main road then left a short way then right along Cuckoostone Lane then taking a path on the right along the edge of the wood. Taking the path north through a large clearing of felled land which may have grown back if you are reading this in 2115. Proceeding north over Wirestone Lane to the lane ahead ( north) then taking a right fork along Rob riding road or Rob Brydon Road as I called it( does a very good impersonation of a man in a box). The lane ends at Vernon House but a rocky path to the left takes us down the side of the house heading north east. Heading east through the brilliantly scenic Eddlestow Wood following Hodges Brook. The path leads on to Vernon Lane then at the main road turn left for a measure of Doom and a pint of Harveys Bristol cream at the Kelstidge Inn..bloody expensive! East from the pub then right on the main B6036 a short distance then a path on the left taking us down Marsh Green Lane then south east down Moor Lane where there were a lot of posters protesting about the proposed housing development. I was starving and was tempted to go down Pudding Bag Lane but it wasn’t on the menu/route so onward down Moor Lane passing the pie shop, keeping right past The Black Lion and The Crispin pubs to arrive at The Old Poets Corner, which had a massive banner on the outside ‘ PUB OF THE YEAR’ …we had chanced the right decision passing all those pubs, puddings and pies..Oh My!

As soon as we stepped on the floor
From our lips the rhymes started to pour
But when time to go out After tea and milk stout
The rhymes stopped as we went through the …big piece of wood with a knob on it!

Turning right out of the pub then down the steep path next to the Ashover Brewery which was next door to the pub. Following this more or less south up stone steps to a lane still heading south along to a crossroads, straight across taking the path through the wooded area Cocking Tor where we ate our sandwiches. Heading south then crossing over Holestonegate Road then west along Allen Lane then just after Bleaklow House Farm left along a path taking us past the woods and crossing over Knabhall Lane. Following this southwest still to Tansley Knoll emerging on Green Lane and back to the car at the Gate Inn.