peak district walks

94. Rivelin Valley peak district walk

94. Rivelin Valley 13th January 2015.

From the Rivelin Valley carpark just off Rail Road we headed east along the river, beautifully wooded area with the babbling river making for some great photos. Very soon we were faced with stepping stones across the fast flowing water, bit tricky as the water was covering most of the stones, I was sure one of us was going in! Proceeding along the south side of the river we came across another lot of stepping stones but this was too fast and too furious so we opted for the path up and high above the river. Crossing the river by the green bridge still following the river east along with half the dogs in Sheffield taking the path left up to the A6101. Crossing the road and up the steep hill to The Rivelin Hotel for a pint of Belgian Blue, a port and a packet of Nobby’s nuts. Refreshed we headed back down the road crossing over the A6101, onto the path crossing the river via another green bridge up the path and turning right onto Long Lane which leads to Hagg Lane then to the end and still in the same direction over a stile by a gate and along the path. Turning left at the junction of paths then crossing Manchester Road A57 across two fields to the Rivelin Valley Trail or Coppice Road (track). Turning right along the path then taking the first footpath on the left through Hagg wood and heading west through Blackbrook Wood. Crossing Black Brook continuing to skirt hallamshire Golf Club course then turning right down Lodge Lane and as the road turns sharply right taking the footpath left into Fox Hag Nature Reserve. Taking the more southernly route and stopping to eat our sandwiches at the back of the houses overlooking the valley on a bench dedicated to a man who lost his life in the 9/11 disaster. Continuing along the path then taking a left up to Redmires Road. Here turning right to The Sportsman Inn for a pint of Timothy Taylors and a filter coffee just in time before closing at 3pm. Backtracking down the road taking the same path left but then proceeding north down through the steep woods crossing Manchester Road. Crossing here to continue north up two very steep fields to find a path in the wooded area turning right along a very muddy path. It emerged on Woodbank Road turning left and following the road down crossing the A6101 and back to the carpark.