peak district walks

blackshaw moor and upper hulme peak district walk

95. Blackshaw moor and Upper Hulme 24th January 2015.
The wind howled around the car as we parked up on Blackshaw moor and for the first time we both opted to stay in the car to get our togs on. Heading off along the road, all zips fastened tightly as we dropped down into    . Turning right along  lane we could hear the blasts or gun shots coming from the MOD area in the distance.  The shots became louder and as we neared and I thought it might be less noisy if I walked beside Julie in order to block the sound out but all it did was make Julie noisier than the gunfire. To the end of the road and turning right the Three Horseshoes came into sight. A very cosy pub come carvery come  Mill Wheel Spa ( interesting!). Onto the Rock Inn at Hulme End which was closed last time we came but today we were in luck affording ourselves tea and ale. Onwards captain down through a tunnel under the main road the path seemed to disappear  on exit but we had our map and compass so shouldn’t be a problem. Down towards the river to a crossing point on the map anyway. The river was furious with us and refused us a place to cross, Julie was up to  her old tricks trying to get me to shimmy along a rickety old fence across the river. No way ! She’s mad I tell yer ! We spent way too much time contemplating this but eventually decided to go back up the field and try a slightly different route which worked and found the footbridge. Really happy to find the footbridge because already  in my mind I had drowned twice or at least been wet up to my waist in freezing cold water. It’s making me shiver now ! So Sandwiches on the end of the footbridge, we weren’t worried about blocking anybodies way…not many people braving the weather that day. A fair trek upwards heading for the Mermaid Inn, a luxury self catering cottage for large groups. Along the road again and back to the car.