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crowdecote peak district walk

97. Crowdecote 7th Feb 2015 9.25 miles

Parking a short distance up Hide Lane we walked down onto a lane heading north east past The Croft then turning left over a stile opposite Vincent House Farm heading west. Through snowy fields and crossing a lane by a farm building passing by Pilsbury castle and onto Crowdecote for a pint of Shining Clough and a Bristol Cream for the lady at The Packhorse. Very friendly landlord and a room to ourselves, extremely comfy sofas to relax inn. The walls were adorned with photos of film stars, Marlyn Manroe, Audrey Hepburn, chillax music drifting in from the bar¡Kperfect ! Time to get up and into the fresh air following the windy road above the pub to a stile on the left and spotting the trig point in the far distance on the top of High Wheeldon. Quite a climb to the top but well worth the effort. Skidding down the steep incline and onto a lane heading south east back to Vincent House Farm and the car.