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abney and great hucklow peak district walk

98. Abney and Great Hucklow  14th February 2015

Parking in Abney we headed south west along the road taking a path on the left down an incredibly slippy, mudslide of a field where one of Julie’s sticks became stuck in the mud but instead of wiggling it out carefully so as not to pull one telescopic piece from its housing she yanked it out causing one of the telescopic pieces to come out of its housing  !... exclaiming ‘ OH!’ as if it wasn’t her fault! Stick repaired we proceeded across the small footbridge and up another slippery slope. Heading south south east down dale and up hill, a very picturesque area with the brook in the valley and rolling hillocks. Turning right on the lane leading us to the Barrel Inn. A pint of Hobgoblin and a Bristol cream in front of a cosy log fire. West along Sir William Hill Road veering left along Bradshawe lane then taking the path on the right just after the wood. We were shrouded in mist at this point and could just about make out the sink hole on our left which has now been filled in with limestone and deemed safe enough to open this pathway. Left onto the lane passing the turning up to the gliding club. My good wife was kind enough to present me with a ride in one of these for my fortieth, ten years later it was paragliding !...Both were brilliant! She knows me well! Onto Great Hucklow and the Queene Anne pub for a Farmers Blonde and a brew.  Carrying on along the road a short way then taking a path on the right then turning right along another path where there were some handy benches for our butties and flask of tea. Onward up the track heading across Abney moor where the last larger patches of snow were stubbornly refusing to melt and give way to Spring. Abney in sight and a satisfying walk achieved.