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9. Millersdale 30th March 2013

Another snowy day but dry. I wish I’d started writing these notes sooner because I can’t remember too much about this one…getting old ? or is that because of all the alcohol intake on the way round? A lovely area alongside the river through Chee Dale and I do remember the spectacular icicles hanging down the side of the rocks as you can see in the photos. There were parts along the river where the green plants in the river contrasted magically against the brilliant white snow... nice! At The Anglers Rest at Millers Dale. I had a Guinness and Julie fancied a tea but the guy said no tea but he could do coffee or hot choc. No Tea? What no tea at all ! chocolate, Coffee ? No Tea ? WTF! He still wouldn’t make her a cup of tea! I wasn’t about to give myself Guinness brain freeze again besides Julie insisted on staring at him whenever he came from the back to serve someone! So we took our time until she was satisfied.